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LET ME JUST SAY THAT IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED/ NOT WATCHING THE VAMPIRE DIARIES YET THEN YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON SOMETHING BIG.  I may sound like a fangirling kid to you, but seriously.  There is a reason why the series is taking home countless awards.  It’s not just a lame love-slash-vampire story.  There’s so much more to it.  It’s got FLAWLESS SCRIPT, UNPREDICTABLE TWISTS and what else can I say? A DIVINE CAST.  My favorite thing about it?  It’s full of antagonists that you can’t really resist.  Some are underrated, but they all actually deserve much more respect than people will allow.

My personal favorite, KATHERINE PIERCE:  ”Better you die, than I.”

Her appearance may be short, but I actually was moved (and even cried) the first time for TVD on one of her scenes - ROSE:  ”Because if you want to survive, you need to not care about anyone.”

Katherine:  ”I was looking out for myself, Elena. I will always look out for myself. If you’re smart, you’ll do the same.”

Katherine:  ”My freedom? That’s where you’re wrong, Stefan. I don’t want my freedom because when Klaus shows up to kill us all and he will, I’ll be in the tomb, where no vampire will enter because they can’t get out. I’ll be the safest psychotic bitch in town.”

Damon Salvatore:  ”I’m surrounded by idiots.”

Rebekah:  ”He’s my brother and I am immortal.  Should I spend an eternity alone instead?”

Klaus:  ”Well, it’s not difficult to be loyal when you’re on the winning team. That’s something you’ll learn once you shake that horribly depressive chip off your shoulder.”

Klaus:  ”You never stop caring about your family, do you?”

Klaus and Elijah:  ”But in the end we recognized the sacred bond of family.   Family above all.”

Klaus:  ”There’s a whole world out there waiting for you, great cities and art and music… genuine beauty.  And you can have all of it.”

Damon:  ”The only way to call someone’s bluff is to be willing to lose everything if you’re wrong.”

Damon:  ”Hope is a bitch.  Get out while you can.”

Damon:  ”Own it, live it, love it.  Stop being ashamed of who you are.”

Stefan Salvatore:  ”To beat the villain, you have to be the better villain.”

Elijah:  ”I’m a little behind on the times but I believe the term you’re looking for is OMG.”

Stefan:  ”This is my happy face.”

PLEASE EXCUSE THE LAST GIF OF STEFAN’S HAPPY FACE.  But it’s just too hilarious to not be posted.  Sayang lang.  Hahahaha. 

As you go along, season after season, you’ll learn to love each of the characters.  Villain or not villain, the actors who portrayed each role were all incredibly talented.


(note:  credits to the awesome gifs go to people I don’t know.  I found these through google images.  Please message me if you see your image so I can put proper credit.  Thanks!)


Froyo with Cheesecake, Mangoes and Kiwi | Red Mango

Waffle with Almonds and Froyo | Red Mango

Desserts | Mandarin Oriental, Paseo Uno

Desserts | Mandarin Oriental, Paseo Uno

Desserts | Mandarin Oriental, Paseo Uno

Desserts | Mandarin Oriental, Paseo Uno

Desserts | Mandarin Oriental, Paseo Uno

Peking Duck 3rd way: sautéed minced Peking Duck with the lettuce cups and Hoisin Sauce | Gloria Maris Greenbelt 2


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